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  • Flocculant Plants by Resources Water Technology are a total flocculation solution; a fully automated control interfaced flocculant containment, transfer, mixing, hydration and dosing plant.
  • Flocculant Systems by Resources Water Technology uses a proprietary and unique sequential tank functionality to provide the required polymer hydration volume and time. Correct dilution allows efficient and complete dispersion of the hydrated polymer following flocculant dosing.
  • Water Recovery Systems by Resources Water Technology are designed for water recovery from industrial wastewater, effluents and slurries. Resources Water Recovery Systems can be located remotely or adjacent to industrial processing facilities and can be used in conjunction with other Resources Water Technology equipment.
  • Mine Water Treatment Plants by Resources Water Technology are used as part of mining water treatment to reduce water contamination from mineral or chemical contaminants in mine water to levels equal to or below regulatory requirements. Careful chemical investigation and process design ensure the effectiveness of the mine water treatment plant.
  • pH Adjustment Systems by Resources Water Technology monitor pH within water tanks, water circuits, process circuits or effluent discharge and automatically add and adjust pH control chemicals to the water or process circuit.
  • Chemical Dosing Systems by Resources Water Technology are used in applications requiring the mixing, storage and accurate dosing of specialized chemical reagents. Water treatment, manufacturing, mining and many other fields make use of chemical dosing systems.
  • About Us - Resources Water Technology are water treatment specialists. The core of our company contains highly trained and experienced Process Engineers who design, build and lead our water treatment projects worldwide.
  • Contact Us - Resources Water Technology contact information, email address and telephone number.
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  • Resources Water Technology shares global concern around environmental degradation and in particular consumption of water and energy resources. By developing new or cleaner technologies, we make production processes more efficient, reduce costs and help prevent environmental degradation.
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