Compact Flocculant Plants







Flocculant Plants - Compact Models

Flocculant Plants by Resources Water Technology are a total flocculation solution; a fully automated control interfaced flocculant containment, transfer, mixing, hydration and dosing plant. Resources Water Technology is a specialist designer and manufacturer of flocculant plants.

Resources Compact Flocculant Plants are designed to provide a wide range of retention times to accommodate flocculant delivery demands and hydration time requirements. The compact design optimizes materials economics by utilizing the conditioning tank as a structural base for the mixing tank. This minimizes plant footprint and optimizes space layout of the flocculant plant.

Resources Compact Flocculant Plants are available in a range of sizes based on volumetric flow, designed to meet the specific needs of your process:

  •  M-250 – 230 to 1,150 litres per hour dosage rate*
  •  M-500 – 535 to 2,670 litres per hour dosage rate*
  •  M-1000 – 1,295 to 6,480 litres per hour dosage rate*
  •  M-2000 – 3,150 to 12,000 litres per hour dosage rate*

* Liquid delivery rate - Subject to concentration variations and dosing specifics.

Resources Compact Flocculant Plants include advanced design features allowing ease of logistics and installation:

  • Flocculant plant is easily accommodated on a concrete slab and is supported on stub legs. Compact design does not require any special civil works. Plant is easily relocated if required.
  • Containerized dimensions with capability to consolidate and pack ancillaries within the tank sections for easy transport.
  • Recessed outlet flanges, preventing lifting damage to critical battery limits.
  • Available in painted mild steel as well as stainless steel construction for hostile environments.

Resources Compact Flocculant Plants operate continuously, with automatic flocculant mixing in the upper tank on a batch basis. Transfer of mixed flocculant is by gravity flow into the conditioning tank. The outlet flange of the conditioning tank provides continuous flocculant dosing.




M-1000 Flocculant Plant 


M-2000 Flocculant Plant