High Capacity Flocculant Systems







Flocculant Systems - High Capacity Models

Flocculant Systems, High Capacity Units by Resources Water Technology are designed primarily around the key process requirements of large scale flocculation water treatment:

  • Adequate flocculant mixing volume and hydration time.
  • Correct dispersion of flocculating agent into the process stream.
  • Maximum flocculant system availability.

The Resources High Capacity Flocculant System design uses a proprietary and unique sequential tank functionality to provide the required polymer hydration volume and time. Correct dilution allows efficient and complete dispersion of the hydrated polymer following flocculant dosing.

Sequencing operation:

Each of the tanks sequentially rotate in their function. One tank provides flocculant dosing to the process, while the other tanks function as hydrating and flocculant mixing tanks. Dosing tank low level causes the automatic valves to switch tank function. The previous hydration tank now performs flocculant dosing while the previous mixing and dosing tanks switch to hydration and filling respectively completing the sequencing of the flocculant system.

Resources High Capacity Flocculant Systems avoid unnecessary mechanical complexity and impractically high flocculant concentrations. Flocculant is fully hydrated and activated before dosing to the process stream optimizing performance and efficiency of the thickeners.

Resources High Capacity Flocculant Systems are available in a range of sizes based on dry flocculant mass, designed to meet the specific needs of your process:

  • C-5 Model - 3 to 8 kg per hour *
  • C-10 Model - 7 to 12.5 kg per hour *
  • C-15 Model - 12 to 18 kg per hour *
  • C-25 Model - 17 to 30 kg per hour *
  • C-50 Model - 29 to 60 kg per hour *
  • C-100 Model - 50 to 150 kg per hour *
  • C-250 Model - 140 to 300 kg per hour *

* Dry powder mass - Subject to concentration variations and dosing specifics

Expenditure on flocculants annually is significantly higher compared to expenditure on the flocculant system, emphasizing the need for the expert design and engineering found in a Resources flocculant system.




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